Every December, we like to review together the addition of new artists that we have made throughout the year to kreislerart.com, to achieve our goal of giving you options to fill your lives with Art. And this year we have had some great proposals, -)We started the year by presenting the [H] ARTE Foundation, a very special project for us in which several of the artists of kreislerart.com have already collaborated or will do so soon. Filling Spanish hospitals with Art with the conviction that we can help make the stay of patients, their families, and their healthcare professionals more bearable is a great motivator. And the response we have received has encouraged us to keep working on this beautiful project.This year we wanted to make more original proposals and for that we have incorporated artists like Luis Medina Manso to kreislerart.com who has filled our eyes with his geometric works and his games of color. We hope you love them.

And speaking of geometries, what to say about our beloved Melissa Dupont and her spectacular works, sculptural paintings that we admire so much; there is no one like her to combine colors.

This year we have also incorporated new works by artists who are already veteran friends of kreislerart.com but who do not stop working – as part of this we had Carla Querejeta Roca and her wall sculptures, made with recycled works and evocative names. They are all beautiful.





Luigi Rodriguez has also surprised us with his new flower works made with an absolutely personal technique – and his boxing gloves! It is incredible to see how something so delicate can come out of something quite violent.







In addition, this year we have also been able to have a beautiful physical exhibition in the Kreisler Gallery with our painter Maria Lusa de Mendoza; the many who passed through the gallery were able to enjoy the works in person and all agreed that the exhibition was really spectacular. 

We hope that you really like these proposals that we have chosen with much affection, and we anticipate that for 2022 we will have many more beautiful works. As always, if you need any help putting Art in your life or you want to give a special gift, do tell us so that we can help you. 

May the year 2022 be full of good health and great Art.

Tamara Kreisler
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