With work and enthusiasm, dreams come true and the dream of having my own

space was something I had for many years. Since I started my online gallery

kreislerart.com I have lived in three countries, so it has not been possible for me to

have a physical headquarters to carry out my work in the art world before now. But

we have been back for two years in Madrid and I have finally been able to make my

long-awaited dream come true.

I believe I have found the perfect space on Calle Hermanos Alvarez Quintero No6 in

the Salesas neighborhood in Madrid, surrounded by other galleries and places

dedicated to culture and design as well as many culinary options.

So now that our traveling family will not pack suitcases to go to another country,

and the family gallery my father ran has just closed, it felt like there was a great gap

in the artistic panorama of Madrid. The city is better than ever and has become a

cultural and artistic center of Europe with a rhythm and vital energy that must be

harnessed. And after eight years immersed in the art world, my time had come to

face the challenge of having my own gallery, where I could develop a project that

completed the one I started years ago with the digital gallery.

I had thought extensively about this step and my intention is to make a quality and

varied artistic program, with different styles with works for different budgets. A

program in which there is space for emerging artists and other more established

ones who develop different techniques such as photography, painting, sculpture,

digital art and painting. I also have a small patio that will serve as an alternative

space for urban art exhibitions, completing the offer of the traditional gallery

Does this mean that kreislerart.com disappears? Not at all, the digital gallery

kreislerart.com will continue to be active as the online sales platform of the

TAMARA KREISLER Gallery, so all the works that are exhibited in the gallery can

also be purchased remotely in the digital gallery in such a way that the work of one

will complete the other. A multichannel approach ,-)

TAMARA KREISLER Gallery is a !very Tamara” project, international and Madrilene

at the same time, the result of deep experience and a desire to continue learning,

and to be collaborative, in which there will be personal attention for each art buyer,

collector or not, and where we will grow together with our artists.

So if you live in Madrid or are going to visit this great city, you know where to find

me; I will be happy to receive you in my new headquarters to bring you closer to the

world of art and spread my enthusiasm for it, convinced that with art in life, it is

much better.

Tamara Kreisler
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