All the works that I choose for you at kreislerart are chosen with great love and care. I have to confess that one of my criteria when choosing an artist is to think if I could put one of their works in my house and live with it. That is why in my house there are many works that you can find in kreislerart and that you could also have and love.

It was clear that I had to have a work by Miguel Vallinas at home, I could not miss one of my favorite photographers who has worked with me for many years. This beautiful photograph of Miguel, who accompanies me when I make work calls, leaves no one indifferent and everybody loves it.

A sculpture/painting by Carla Querejeta also accompanies me and gives a lot of color and joy. I fell in love with these series of works from the beginning because of the colors and shapes that Carla creates, giving a second chance to canvases that she had previously painted.

When we talk about love in my case, without a doubt, I talk about love for nature and of all the works of my dear Mukesh Shah, CO2 IS NOT COOL, had to have a place in my house. His PLAYLIST series with provocative messages that make us think are great in any space.

I also love the sea, there is nothing I like more than walking along the seashore and if I can’t do it, I walk down my corridor next to this work by Marina Gadea and I feel closer to the beach. Looking at her works is a trip to the shore without leaving Madrid. I have accompanied it with a round work by Claudio Roncoli that also acts as a marine satellite and I really like how they come together.

And of course I love animals, I like all animals, but I have a weakness for giraffes and how could I not be in love with this beautiful polyhedral and pink work by Lalo Cruces, it couldn’t be more beautiful.

There has come a time when I do not have more walls at home to put all the works I like by all the artists I love, so I am very demanding with the works that come into my house and I can assure you that all the ones that are there are very cherished.

Tamara Kreisler
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