Lalo Cruces

Lalo Cruces,

Graduated from the Zaragoza Art  School (Spain) in 2000. He has his own design company, where he combines design and art as an essential point of his interventions.

Since his early beginnings, he has participated in both solo and collective exhibitions. Since 2013 he has also been the curator of several exhibitions.

Of a figurative style but with constant touches of magical realism, he bases his artistic practise on daily experiences and materials and elements that, as an artist and designer, transmit a certain beauty, from an individual or collective perspective or even as part of an artistic space.

His work is versatile, incorporating other artistic styles such as Street-Art with both interior and outside murals in public/private spaces or international art festivals.

His constant interaction between design and art has led him to work in many other areas aimed at transforming space such as performances and installation in galleries and museums.

He won an important national young prime and currently, he is collaborating with Fish Gallery (Taiwan) as the first European artist represented by them with the Containerland series for Fish Gallery, Young Art Taipei and Kaohsiung international art fair. Collaborate with Paccs Fest 44AD Gallery, his first solo exhibition in United Kingdom. Now he is working his first Virtual Art with Tilt Brush by Google for Ibercaja Fundation, Museo Goya (Zaragoza,Spain).


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