Lalo Cruces

Graduated from the School of Arts of Zaragoza, he creates Cruces Estudio, where combines design and art as the fundamental axis of all his interventions.

Since its inception he has participated in both solo and group exhibitions, as well as curating since 2013.

De Figurative cut but with constant brushstrokes of magical realism, he assumes the artistic practice from everyday experience and from the materials and elements that as an artist and designer convey a certain beauty, either from an individual perspective, collective or as part of an artistic space.

Since its inception, it has entered the urban intervention and the artistic mural showing great versatility, both in public and private spaces. Its constant interaction between design and art leads it to work on numerous proposals focused on the transformation of spaces, which lead to other genres like the performance or the installation.

His recent national painting award jov in 2015 and its consolidation in the Asian continent represents a significant leap in its expansion and artistic growth with the series "Containerland" for Young Art Taipei, the international contemporary art fair held annually in the Taiwanese capital as an artist represented by Fish Gallery.

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