The first exhibition in an art gallery is something very special and as you can imagine, I have been preparing it for a long time. I wanted to pay a small tribute to the artists who have accompanied me in recent years in my work at the Online gallery and for this reason it is a collective exhibition made up of a tour of different unpublished works, created exclusively for this opening, by seven artissts. who have been working with me for years and with whom I have already carried out different physical exhibitions in the past and with whom I have a beautiful personal relationship.

The name of the exhibition, ‘Blank Page’, refers to the fact that it is the gallery’s first exhibition and is presented as the blank page of a book that begins to be written through art and the languages of the artists with whom that I will work in the future.

Matching the languages of such diverse artists has been quite a challenge, but I feel very happy with the final result. It has not been easy at all to leave out if the show so many other artists with whom I works and that little by little will have their shows at the gallery in the future.

In the show there are abstract painters such as César Barrio, who has produced two wonderful works in which he transmits the force of nature and his very peculiar artistic style of great painting strength.

We can also find Marina Gadea who, as always, transports us to marine landscapes in each of her creations and generously shares her love for marine nature that she has producing such beautiful works

There is also room for figurative painters such as María Luisa de Mendoza, and her evocative architectures of warm colors and unmistakable skies, her landscapes of dreamy and geometric spaces are unmistakable.

And what about the works of Pedro Peña Gil and his “Museum Hall” series, in which, with a peculiar technique of museum photographs to which he applies resins, he creates very interesting and beautiful spaces that make us travel through art.

Lalo Cruces adds a pop touch to the exhibition as an urban artist with his works from the Shoes series, with shoes and sneakers that give the exhibition an informal and fun touch. Lalo is really a great drabsman and painter.

The works of Carla Querejeta Roca are marked by a very personal style in which she “breaks” the paintings to reconstruct them by cudng and folding the canvas on the racks.

and we had to end with the surreal photographs of Miguel Vallinas as the perfect complement to this exhibition, his works, as always, are of great beauty and make you smile while admiring his great technique.

Without a doubt, they are very different and high-quality ar?sts who are part of the gallery family and who had to be on its front pages. The exhibi?on will last un?l the end of May and I will be very happy if you come to see it because it is really worth it.

In June, the season will con?nue with an exhibition by Nick Brandt, the well-known English photographer, who will be part of the PHotoESPAÑA 2023 program and whose photographs will bring us closer to the story of animals and people displaced in Africa and Latin America due to Climate Change.

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