Luigi Rockets

Luigi Rodríguez, b. 1984 in Caracas, Venezuela lives in Madrid, Spain where he creates compositions assembling photographs with original vintage stamps of the country of the subject.

Rodriguez’s explores identity through stamps, using those that have travelled to send letters, love letters, documents, poems, those that have a story in them. The stamps were also licked so they have the DNA of that person, which becomes part of the skin of his subjects. Creating portraits of large figures he idolizes to make them even larger by showing us they actually “contain multitudes”.

Rodriguez graduated from Moteávila University in Caracas, Venezuela. After, while living in Toronto, he studied creative writing, as well as graphic design. This multidisciplinary education became a foundational asset that enables him to compose his artwork and creatively direct Animal Tropikal, his menswear clothing line.

Rodriguez started experimenting with stamps in 2010. He has exhibited in Caracas in 2014 at Quinta Villa Sota, with a solo exhibition titled Viajes al Pasado (Journeys to the Past). Luigi Rodriguez was also a participating artist in the group exhibition titled Pop, Icon, Pop Pop at O. Ascanio Gallery in Miami, FL in Spring 2015. In February 2016 he was part of the #EmergingToEstablished group show at Krause Gallery in New York City. In March 2016 he was part of The Global Shop with Duggal Inc in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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