Pablo Rodriguez or Little for his friends is a very delicate artist; that was the first thing that caught my attention about his work and I did not hesitate to invite him to be part of With his simple, almost childlike but tremendously sensitive strokes, and its vases, he reaches your heart and does not let you escape.In his works Little reaches deep inside us, empathizing with his messages in emotions that we all have felt sometime and can understand. His works are tender and he fills his audience with affection.

Probably the primary charm of Little is that he connects with the child inside us. Little is that big child or little adult that we all are too. You can believe at first glance that the work of Little is simple, but he uses the simple lines to bequeath something more complex to us – our emotions.

It might be because we love flowers that we also love his work in ceramic and his very personal vases, full of color and with his recognizable designs it is difficult to resist any of them.Until now you could see his illustrations in newspapers and magazines and now you can also take him home with you at, so if there are still gifts left to get, don’t hesitate, put Little in your life.

Tamara Kreisler
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