LITTLE, Pablo Rodríguez, was born in Córdoba in 1989 and defines himself as a small adult or a large child.

He began to draw in a self-taught way almost as a need to better understand the world and this need has ended up becoming his way of life. His work has been exhibited in cities such as Seville, Malaga, Madrid, Salamanca or Berlin.

In his drawings, with an apparently naive line and almost always in black and white, he creates a very recognizable universe of his own around fragility, unconditional love and self-improvement. This universe permeates both his individual work and collaborations for different media and cultural entities.

His illustrations have recently appeared in publications such as El País, Glamor or ABC, for which he has signed different covers for his cultural publication in recent months. In 2020 he published his first book, You are my favorite person, with the Zenith publishing house. He has recently presented only Project at the Just Mad and Estampa art fair.


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