All you need is a pencil, paper, and an artist’s creativity to make up a drawing. This discipline represents the incarnation of the artist’s original idea, and it implies plastic materialization of their artistic concept. From Goya to Picasso, many artists have a collection of drawings that is essential to understand their work. Nowadays, Original drawings have resurfaced in the artistic scene as an interesting alternative to exhibitions and other work type’s sale.

Contemporary drawing, rescued from oblivion

Although in Spanish tradition hasn’t usually given much importance to drawing when compared to other visual arts, in recent years the inclusion of Original drawings by contemporary artists in art fairs has proliferated.

Echoing this trend, in 2016 was born the first art fair devoted entirely to drawing. This past February took place the second Madrid Drawing Room, focused only on this discipline in all its aspects. Abstract, three-dimensional or figurative, in this latest edition were exhibited on its walls drawings of about thirty artists represented by 20 international galleries.

Drawing as the basis of other artistic disciplines

From disciplines as old as the human being to new forms of artistic expression, the original drawing is the key. There’re cases as in architecture or fashion design in which the drawing serves as a two-dimensional sketch of what will later become something tridimensional, tangible. In other arts such as in graphic design, drawing is the basis, the formation of the idea, which will then be digitized, vectorized and codified.

All these very different arts have something in common: none of them would be possible without drawing.

The relationship between drawing and literature

And in addition to being the basis of some arts, drawing has historically complemented others, building a close relationship, such as with literature. When we read we imagine the universe of the author based on our perception and knowledge, but those who gave life to these characters also had at the beginning of their books images in their head.

There’re works like Le Petit Prince, by Antoine Saint-Exupéry, which would be impossible to understand without the author’s original drawings. More recently, J.K. Rowling’s drawings, Harry Potter’s saga creator, which defined how the author imagined the fantasy universe characters. While the word evokes and gives wings to the imagination, the drawing defines by itself, concretizes.

Drawing is inherent and innate to the human being. Babies, as young as one year old, are expressed through it. It’s a natural art that will later give way to something as important as writing. If we extrapolate this to the art world, the original drawings show a facet of the artist that connects directly with his more primary, more visceral self. Only paper, graphite and ink are in between the artists’ mind and their work.

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