As you know very well, Miguel Vallinas is one of our favorite photographers and his series Second Skins, Roots and Ceci n’esa pas are already a classic in kreislerart in that fruitful and original relationship that Miguel has with surrealism.

Now we bring you the images of MAO, (hand) made up of a body and a hand, the latter being placed in the place that the head would occupy. Thus pretending that the viewer is able to make a complete reading of a body and a head in which there really is no head.

Each of the hands represents an attitude or performs an act that we usually do with them. A relationship between the hands and the head is established, understanding that the hands are the immediate executors of our thoughts, and get the credit for carrying out those actions.

The hands are the main organ for the physical manipulation of what surrounds us, the ones that provide us with the most tactile information about the environment, allow us to write, point, hold and interpret.

With these images we want to give greater importance to what we do, instead of what we think, hence the relationship between the head and the hand, the head thinks but the hand is the one who executes.

The collection is surrounded by hands that seem to simulate a deer, reaching for the moon, playing ping pong, shooting, holding a book, enjoying a meal, playing, directing, lighting and offering.

The hands may not replace the head but they are linked in a physical and intrinsic way to it, perhaps they could be the head, although they would never have eyes, mouth, or ear …or maybe they would, let’s see…

Tamara Kreisler
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