Blue is one of my favorite colors and it shows…it is easy to find works on in which blue is the main color. The style or the technique

does not matter, it only matters that there is blue in the work.

Because, what is more blue that any of the wonderful and sea inspired works from Marina Gadea?

Or blue as in this photograph by Miguel Vallinas from his Raíces No9 series in

which he plays with the colors blue and red creating, as always, a beautiful

composition and a personal surreal portrait.

And speaking of the color blue, here we have this work by Abel Fernándes 4H
17M 12S 02°33′ 27′′ which is totally blue and relaxing. You can spend hours
looking at it, right?

As with the blue sky of this Parasol in a circle by Frank Westermann, which is

hopefully the landscape that surrounds you right now. All of Frank’s works

have a preference for nature which makes them fantastic.

And of course we have blue sculptures, like Bow tie by Maite Carranza,

which we love for its color and shapes like all of Maite’s works.

Or the beautiful eye of Mila Pierce, in this case blue, although it can be the

color you want since she can custom make it and create a totally

personalized work of your iris. Do you dare?

Be that as it may, we wish you a wonderful summer full of moments of color.
Tamara Kreisler
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