Abel Fernández

His current pictorial language abandons the figuration, shapes and silhouettes that marked and characterized his first works, the animal portraits open the way to a different aesthetic evolution where the space is transformed into surface and the shape into abstraction. A radical reduction that dismantles the format of the classical image taking it to the limits and possibilities, redefining the relationship between surface, space and color. His work turns to a much more reflexive analysis that addresses the direct and subconscious effects pursued by the color on moods and emotions, resulting in works reduced to the minimum in their shape, but full of character.

ABEL FERNANDEZ was born in Paraguay. He studied drawing and painting in Buenos Aires. He currently lives and develops his artistic work in Madrid. He recognizes his passion for drawing, but his eagerness to explore new languages within his own artistic evolution encourages him to try new techniques and ways of representation.


III Bienal de las Arte, Valencia
Cultur3 Club (Palacio Revillagigedo) Asturias
Art Fair Málaga

Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid

Galería Javier Román, Malaga
Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid

Centro Cultural Colmenarejo, Madrid
Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid
Uned Plasencia, Cáceres
ARCO’14 Ramses Art Project By Philippe Starck) Madrid

Padova Contemporary Art Fair, Italia
Galería Javier Román, Málaga
BCM  Gallery, Barcelona

Ramsés Art, Madrid
FAIM  Feria de Arte Independiente, Madrid


INFINITUM is a series of paintings that revolve around the idea of infinite space.
Through a personal argument, it aims to bring closer to the viewer conceptually pure works that provide an intense experience capable of carrying the viewer to a serene spatial atmosphere of controlled weightlessness, if captured in its total depth.

There is something profoundly human in the fascination for the infinite. It has to do with curiosity, the desire to go beyond the known limits, an emotional leap into the emptiness of our deepest emotions, a mental exercise from which to experience the emotional vertigo that awakens the idea of the unfathomable.

The INFINITUM series explores the plastic and expressive resources of the non-representation, beyond the limits of the canvas itself, by using aesthetics resources derived from technical processes comparable to the industrial ones, where the painting is atomized on the canvas with the sole purpose of redirecting it to the field of a subtly purer, emotional and even poetic painting. It suggests expansive surfaces that are capable of provoking sensorial stimulus through a serene reflection on the multiple possibilities, the different discourses of art and its extraordinary ability to say so much with so little.

Elegantly saturated color fields are subtly juxtaposed allowing that our view moves without optical breaks from one color to another, suggesting a double reading of the ephemeral and eternal, of the stillness and movement, creating a sense of spatial immensity. Intense reds, strong blues or as dark as the absolute night, capable of recreating an infinite void in which we can imagine new dimensions immersing ourselves in an intense sensory journey towards the infinite.

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