The very special circumstances in which we find ourselves have forced the already established PhotoESPAÑA OFF 2020 Festival to change its format and become Online. If you have been with us for a long time, you will surely remember that every year we take advantage of PhotoESPAÑA OFF 2020 to do a physical exhibition at the Kreisler Art Gallery in Madrid, with some of the great photographers with whom we work. So we have already had successful exhibitions with the works of Miguel Vallinas and Jesús Chamizo.

This year, we had everything prepared so that we could have the opening of the Aida Pascual exhibition, but it will not be possible to do it in an analogical way. This does not prevent us from doing it digitally, so we are delighted to present to you the works that we have selected from her latest series, Arcadia; an imaginary place, created and described by numerous poets and artists, which refers to a utopian territory in which man lives in communion with nature. A natural and blissful way of life, not corrupted by modern civilization.

Aida, for those who do not know her, is a Spanish photographer, who always works in nature trying to connect the landscape with the feelings of the human being, following the ideals of painting and romantic philosophy. Representing open spaces without borders, with human beings in their real insignificance, as a source of inspiration for their images.

Aida’s photographs take us to mystical places where humans and nature exist in perfect harmony. Placing their characters in dramatic landscapes in which the small figures seem isolated and lonely with costumes that remind us of times forgotten and in which we cannot see their faces.

One of the things that strikes me about Aida’s works is that each image tells its own story, although it is open to personal interpretation, which allows us to make as many readings of her work as there are viewers. With these photographs, Aida does not intend to simply show a beautiful nature directed towards the decorative or conventionally pleasant, but to produce calm and seclusion. A feeling of time spent, of voluntary exile. An escape from current stress and maelstrom to plunge the viewer into a state of calm and reflection.

We are convinced that you will like Aida’s works a lot and they will provide great company, moving you to fantastic and imaginary worlds. We encourage you to observe them carefully and imaginatively; surely you will get your own story. If you want to see some of his works in person and you are in Madrid be sure to stop by the Kreisler Gallery in Hermosilla 8. We are waiting for you, online or in the gallery.

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