It is always wonderful to travel to Venice. For me in particular this is a very special city since I lived four years very close and spent long periods in it, so my feeling whenever I go back, is almost like being at home.

And when your trip to coincides with the Biennial of Art which takes place every two years, it just makes the trip, much more attractive. Before going, I was able to read the very abundant literature about artists, pavilions and installations that fill the city. So, I do not want to repeat information since you can read it all too, so what I would like with this post is to share with you what has drawn my attention without trying to give art lessons to anyone.

As soon as I arrived, I bought a 48hour pass that I used up to the last minute. The first day, I spent my time in the area of the Giardini and the numerous national pavilions that it has together with the Official Biennale Pavilion with works of different artists from all over the world.

From the national pavilions there were a few that drew my attention like U.K., U.S.A. Korea, FrancE, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.


but what I really enjoyed visiting was the official pavilion curated by the Biennale curator Christine Macel and as always just strolling through the gardens that surround the pavilions.

The next day I dedicated my time to visit the Arsenal and its different spaces. There you can find different countries pavilions and works from artists selected by the Committee of the Biennial. Having the chance to take such a long walk with so much art around you is a real privilege. There is no doubt that being among those artists elected is a brutal push for any artist’s career.


I ended up exhausted but happy to receive so many art impacts. I loved taking long walks by the Biennial 17 and run into the different spots of Art that you can at any corner of the city and I definitely recommend you to take a break to go because I also think that VIVA ARTE VIVA

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