In the last few weeks, most of us have spent a lot of time at home, which probably means that we have looked at our walls more than ever! Undoubtedly, the circumstances have made us much more aware of the works that accompany us in our day to day and that perhaps because we are used to them, have passed them by quickly as they no longer caught our attention as much as now.

To entertain my children, the other day I asked them to choose the Art work they liked the most at home and tell me why they liked that one in particular. My husband and I also decided to participate – and I share the results below with you …

Anders, my husband, did not hesitate to choose a beautiful canvas from Urculo that we have had in our bedroom since we got married. The truth is that it is a great painting that I also like a lot, full of color, very suggestive and that has become the first thing I see when I wake up.

Nicolás, my eldest son, chose a sculpture by Urban, an original artist who makes very personal and recognizable artworks that are a mixed between sculptures and paintings.

Martin, my youngest son preferred to choose a work by Juan Gerst, a Venezuelan artist who is settled in Madrid and who produces works in printed methacrylate, with geometric shapes that are truly spectacular.

For me, choosing a single painting has been really difficult, but I decided on this photograph by Miguel Vallinas because in some way, it is a portrait of me too. Many times I can be dressed like this, -)

What about you? Which is your favorite work of art in your home? It does not have to be a super expensive or sophisticated work, it can be a drawing of your child, a family portrait, a work that you bought on a trip and brings you good memories, or that you painted yourself… The important thing is that it keeps you company and makes you happy, that’s what Art is for.


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