We are very happy to expand the artists’ family of kreislerart.com with the works of María José R. Escolar. María José is a very original artist who reflects in her works all the cultures and countries in which she has lived, and they are many, incorporating very universal techniques and themes.

We have selected for her first experience at kreislerart.com her latest works where she plays with different textures and are produced with materials such as sand, oil, photography fused into the same work, which makes them very original.

As I said, María José is a great traveler and in these works we find landscapes rescued from old photos with which she creates calm compositions where time does not seem to pass, but that at the same time, are very current due to their compositions and materials.

Her colors are soft, calm and evoke us to exotic landscapes and past times, to memories that make us think how human beings are much more equal than we think, no matter where we are or the time that has passed. We are very happy to have her works with us and surely you will be too.

Tamara Kreisler
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