We are very happy to bring to you the work of Curra Rueda, an artist from Madrid who has a very original and precise artistic language. Curra studied Fine Arts and Art History and now continues to study Theology, giving her work a very special and spiritual meaning.Curra is a cartoonist, her works are drawings of infinite patterns of ink, which create cosmic fractals mixed with collages and die-cutting techniques. With a deliberate economy of means and materials, she reflects on the mystery of life and its meaning.

Her drawings are that search for the truth, which she finds in the spiritual world. Seeking to give presence to that part of life that is invisible to the eyes, but not to the heart, thus creating a space for our relationship with the absolute.

We invite you to observe her works with time and care and to allow yourself to be transported to those universes that Curra transports us with her drawings because, as she herself says, the important thing in life is in the little things. Welcome Curra !!

Tamara Kreisler
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