We are honored and delighted to bring to you this month the works of Alejandro Hernann to kreislerart.com and propose that you to include his Art in your life. Alejandro’s work is undoubtedly very personal and makes you think, by observing his work his particular way of seeing those around him, and his ability to transmit his vision in a very unique way, through his Art.

He is a curious artist and works in different techniques and styles so it has not been easy to choose the works to bring to kreislerart.com

Alejandro already has many faithful collectors who value his work and style all over the world and we look forward to increasing his number of fans.

For our initial collaboration, we have chosen two series of works by Alejandro. In the first series, “Who am I?” he plays to give different colors to a child’s silhouette, moving from abstract to figurative art in a magical way and making us think about who we really are.

In the other series, there are more abstract works that illustrate clearly the evolution of Alejandro’s work.

So our proposal is for you to enjoy these works, and if you cannot resist, buy one for yourself;it will be good company, -)

Tamara Kreisler
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