For the last few months, we have been working on this new version of our online gallery to make it more entertaining, fun and accessible for all the Art you need to have in your life.

It is three and a half years since we launched kreislerart.comwith the goal of bringing contemporary Art closer to as many people as possible,  by making buying Art online something safe, easy and familiar.

We have redesigned some of the website so that now you can see more photos and videos of the artworks. Each month, we will highlight an artist and select works of one color or technique for you. We will also incorporate new bloggers and collaborators to keep you up to date with events in the Art world through our Facebook and Instagram social networks.

Since we launched online, we have sold and shipped original works, photographs, graphics and sculptures internationally, which we select with great care. We love the messages we get from you, especially photos of how the work looks in your home, and are delighted when we regularly hear that the piece you bought has exceeded expectations.

We are convinced that little by little, we are providing a little more Art to enhance the lives of many of you, and we thank you sincerely for your ongoing feedback and continued support.





Tamara Kreisler
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