As is tradition, from time to time, at we like to do exhibitions in public spaces to enjoy “Live and live” of the works of our artists. And in the month of June, we are in luck since we have two exhibitions of two very special artists.

From June 6 you can see in the White Lab gallery a sample of Alejos Lorenzo “Dream Landscapes” that I definitely recommend. Alejos transports us through a series that landscapes full of color that convey much joy. The exhibition is on until June 29 and is the beginning of a collaboration with this wonderful gallery in which each quarter we will have an exhibition of the artists of our digital gallery. We could wish for a better start than with an exhibition of Alejos.








In addition, on June 25 is the inauguration of the exhibition “Building images” by Jesús Chamizo at the Kreisler Gallery within the PhotoEspaña festival19. His photographs of urban landscapes are truly spectacular and it is amazing to see how he is able to create so much beauty from the urban landscapes that surround us.







His technique and aesthetics deserve that you come to see the exhibition and see for yourselves in person. This exhibition can be visited until the end of July and will not leave you indifferent.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Tamara Kreisler
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