Many ties, family and profesional ones, join with Venezuela. There is no doubt that Venezuela is a country with a great artistic sensibility, home of many great artists recognized worldwide and it is no coincidence that at we have works by several Venezuelan artists such as Carlos Medina, Juan Gerstl, Leo Moreiro or Luigi Cuchillo.

Precisely Luigi Cuchillo, has created a series of works that we have just put for sale in that have a very special meaning for him and his country. In them Luigi schematically, and with great stroke, plays with yellow, blue and red, the colors of the Venezuelan flag and creates some wonderful compositions. I like them a lot!!

On top of this with the purchase of these works you will be contributing to a much needed humanitarian work since Luigi Cuchillo and have decided to donate half of the profits from the sale of this series of works to the NGO Alimenta Venezuela that does an amazing humanitarian work, unfortunately very necessary at this moment and that we want to support with your collaboration.

So we encourage you to buy these precious works of Luigi Cuchillo, since you can enjoy some great works and you will also be doing good for others. Do not hesitate to get them!

Tamara Kreisler
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