During my last trip to Miami I visited the numerous December Art fairs, including ArtBaselMiami. I also had the opportunity to visit the studio of artist Claudio Roncoli, one of my favorite artists from Kreislerart.com.

Claudio was born in Argentina and is already a very consolidated artist. He has developed different periods in his work and at Kreislerart.com we have a series of graphic works that he made a few years ago which are especially fun and groundbreaking. He has a very close relationship with music, as he himself says in his video, “Rock Saved my Life,” and indeed one of his works was the official image of the 16th edition of the Latino Grammy Awards. On top of this, he has been exhibited in many galleries around the world.

His studio in Miami sits at BakerHouse Art Complex. A unique space in the area of Wynwood, one of the most active and creative areas of the city, where he shares a large space with other very interesting artists working within various disciplines. This made the visit to his studio even more interesting.

Aside from being an excellent artist, Claudio is a fantastic human being and was super friendly. He explained the evolution of his work and also showed me his latest creations that we hope to have at Kreislerart.com very soon.

I love his geometric works and the combination that he makes with different colors and I can’t wait to hang his works in my house, I hope you do also!

Tamara Kreisler
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