The Venice Art Biennale has finally been held a year late due to the COVID 19 pandemic and I have had the opportunity to visit it in what is already a dear tradition for me. This year, from March to November, Venice is filled with Art to announce the latest creations and emotions from the world of Art.

If you have never had the opportunity to go to an art biennale in Venice, I highly recommend you go if you can. Firstly, because it is always a pleasure to visit a city like Venice, already a work of art in itself, where getting lost wandering around and observing its buildings and canals is quite an experience.

The biennial is distributed throughout different spaces of the city, placed on one side in the area called “Giardini” where part of the pavilions of the 80 participating countries are located, in which the proposals made by each country are housed. They are usually proposals from a national artist who is chosen to represent their own cultural concerns.

The biennial also has another important focus in the “Arsenale” area, where more spaces from other countries are located, with also very interesting proposals. In addition to the national pavilions, there is the exhibition commissioned by a curator who this year is Cecilia Alemani. Composed of 213 artists from 58 countries and inspired by the story “The milk of dreams” it strives to take us on an imaginary journey through the human body.

But the biennial pervades the entire city of Venice in multiple spaces and palaces that become pavilions of countries or exhibition centers, so I recommend that once you have visited the gardens and the arsenal, you explore the multiple spaces full of art that you find while you walk through the city there are always real surprises.It is difficult to summarize so much art or recommend one pavilion over another, but I have to share the joy of seeing two artists we work with at represented in this wonderful art biennale. They are Elisa Insua, who has presented a very interesting work, which has also been auctioned to support the recovery of the Argentine Patagonia ecosystem, and Mukesh Shah, who has brought his PLAYLIST to Venice with his provocative messages. Both works are in the Palacio Mora within the exhibition “Personal Structures” Reflections.

So I encourage you to visit Venice in the coming months and enjoy all the art that the biennial offers us because it is an amazing experience on many levels.

Tamara Kreisler
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