This month we are delighted to introduce the Argentinian photographer Valeria Real. Valeria is a restless woman in her life and in her work and very aware of the realities that surround her, which inspire her photographs.

When we met through Claudio Roncoli, another great Argentine artist whom we represent, I loved her work which is full of colour and delicacy.

We have started showing two series that stand out especially for the color and light they have. Magic Park, that evokes amusement parks and childhood.

And Recreo, where by playing with deflated plastic balls, she creates a set of shapes with lights and colours in which nothing is what it seems.

Her works are marked with a description of them in Braille, so that they are close and describable to all audiences, which seemed to me something very original and sensitive.

Valeria continues to work on a new series of photographs, some of them about Climate Change which we plan to showcase soon.

Tamara Kreisler
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