I never get tired of saying it, any occasion is good to put Art in our lives and when Christmas arrives, what better gift for our loved ones or for ourselves than a work of Art. In kreislerart.com we have works for all tastes, styles and budgets. Check it out !

For example, for the little ones in the house, What can you give to a son, nephew or godson? Enough of electronic toys, let’s give something that is original and for a lifetime. Depending on their age, we can suggest several ideas. What do you think of a work by Valle Rivilla or a poster by Claudio Roncoli?

And a brother-in-law or sister-in-law who has just become independent, surely he or she really loves a work by Yuri Tuma or a sculpture by Felipao and that can be a perfect complement to a single or newly married house.

How not having a detail with our beloved cousins ​​just getting into the section of artworks for less than € 300 that you can find on kreislerart.com You have so many works to choose from!

Definitely something for a brother or sister that reflects his or her personality, that nobody like you knows so well, you can surely hit perfectly with one of Miguel Vallinas‘s portraits of the Roots, Second skins or Ceci N’est pas series. For sure you will be right!


And what to do with your husband or wife? Nothing better than giving a work that you also like very much and so you already have a earned share … … It can be something that transports you to a memory of a trip together like the Marina Gadea works that evoke the sea and the universe or something that makes you evoke happy trips like the works from Emma Gomara

What do you think of giving to our parents and parents-in-law something that can give them illusion and be something unique and personal? What do you think of a personalized print of Luigui Rodriguez, we just need a photocopy of their print and you will have a unique painting.

These are just some ideas, the best idea is that you get into kreislerart.com and enjoy finding the right work for your loved one. And if you are not sure, contact us and we will gladly help you.

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