At we love flowers at any time of the year and it has not been difficult to find works of flowers among all the works that we offer to put Art in your life, in fact, the difficult thing has been to make a selection among so many works and so pretty with flowers  , )

Let’s start with the magnificent photographs of Alberto Shommer in his series of flowers. Alberto was a very curious photographer and made a series of flower works, which we selected for, which are truly spectacular. I remember perfectly seeing them exhibited at Casa de Vacas in Madrid some years ago. As it was very hard for us to choose only one, we give you two !!

We also love to bring you the works of Alejos Lorenzo, since in his works nature is the main protagonist and it is easy to find some floral detail in any of his works. Here, it has also been impossible to choose just one, so we offer you a wonderful vase full of flowers and beautiful orchids for you to choose from.

Schematic flowers but full of color like the ones that Mariano paints for us had to be in this selction, he is unique creating with his lines an environment full of color and light.

Flowers are also found, and many, throughout Miguel Vallinas’ “Roots” series, with so many different types of flowers and colors so you can choose the ones you like best, it is not easy to choose a single portrait / bouquet !!

And full of flowers are the cheerful works of Maria Burgaz in which color and flowers are a constant like those we find in her works Abundante or Move your body.More flowers at can be found in the illustrations of Cristina Torrecilla, who with her feminine images, shows us her beautiful flowers, as in these images.



As well as the delicate and subtle flowers of Guillermo Summers, in different pictorial techniques such as encaustic or drawing with tea bags.

And we finish this flowery walk with the vegetable and flower full mandalas of Yuri Tuma that could not be more beautiful and inspiring to put flowers on our walls. So do not hesitate, fill your life with flowers and Art.

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