The moment I have been waiting for months has finally arrrived is a reality and I am very happy to share it with so many beloved people. Everything started several months in a long Swedish winter, the decision to work in the art world was clear for me , but I had to find my own space and do something which completed the work already done by my father in the Galeria Kreisler in Madrid and all the Art Fairs in which he participates all over the world.

One day everything got in place. I decided to create an Art Gallery Online. We’ve had open six galleries on two continents, but things have changed, the art world has evolved and undergone a huge transformation in the recent years with the arrival of the digital world that has not only affected the art by the side of the creators, but also from the side of the art dealers and buyers.

Why not buy art Online? We buy tickets, books, food, furniture, computers and clothing, reserve hotels and although we don’t want to, it costs us to separate ourselves from our mobile phone too long… so buy art Online should not seem so unusual or far away when we already do all those things Online.

But what type of art do we buy Online ? generally and from all the analyses I have studied before starting-up, art buyers Online, are urban, young and curious. They do not buy expensive art but original and beautiful, art a good price and look for new artists or artist consolidated in formats that are more affordable.

So surf , look, enjoy and buy it!

You are very welcomed

Tamara Kreisler
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