Orange is a key color  in nature and also in our Art at It surrounds us with delicious oranges, tangerines, carrots, sweet potatoes, persimmons …fruit and vegetables full of nutrition and on the canvases of many Artists, a very inspiring color. As this piece of art from Miguel Vallinas, CECI N’EST PAS NR.33

October is a month that is especially Orange; the leaves of the trees change color, we celebrate Halloween with orange pumpkins … so that is why we have made a selection of works in which Orange is the protagonist and gives a warm touch to the works on

We find Orange already in the title of this work by Pedro Peña, “Green and Orange scratch” in which with his very personal technique, Pedro achieves a vibrant combination of two colors.

We also have orange in this beautiful illustration of Cristina Torrecilla, “Dolce far niente” that invites us to relax and enjoy doing nothing.

It is incredible to see what Mariano achieves with a few simple lines and a touch of color to create this composition of fruits in which orange dominates, in his piece “Mariano’s things 1

The color Orange is also widely used by María Luisa de Mendoza in those landscapes full of light and mystery that she creates so memorably, as in her work “Room with three windows“.

Orange is also found in this beautiful triptych by Esther Rosa that leads us to the reverie of a “Japanese Garden”

And to finish, a fun sculpture of Felipao in an acid orange of Pippo to put color and joy in our life. So do not hesitate – put Art and Orange in your life! 

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