Frank Westermann has the privilege of living next to the Mediterranean Sea, which makes the coast a big inspiration of his photographic and artistic production, creating works of the most common objects and environments of the beach that come to be presented as original works of Art. 

Frank has accustomed us to his works in which a specific subject for him, such as a palm tree, a ghost, or animals become a series of original works using different media, and in doing so creates a very personal artistic series. 

During the research and production of the different pieces, new ideas emerge leading him to finish the work in this particular way that identifies him, since the images awaken unexpected feelings and thoughts each time. I love all his works! 

Frank is not just looking for beauty, but to surprise us and even making us laugh, discovering a feeling of looking at a hidden world that the human eye does not take into account. 

No matter if it is through photography or in a painting with a photographic transfer and collage, the combinations that he makes of palm trees, umbrellas and animals such as giraffes, hippos, lions or tigers are so unique and would be a magnificent piece of Art to have in your life.

Tamara Kreisler
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