Dear friends of Happy New Year !! Many of us think of the beginning of the year as a perfect time to start commitments that will make us happier during the rest of the year. This time, in addition, we started a new decade which can also make us think of longer term projects  😉

I propose that 2020 becomes the year in which you begin to create or expand your Art collection. There are moments in life that can be easier for us to buy Art such as when we become independent, we move house, when we receive an amount of money that allows us to incorporate extra expenses, or we inherit Art and we want to continue a family tradition … Any reason is good!

And despite what it seems, starting an Art collection does not have to be complicated or expensive at all, but just a way to be happier, meet people and spend some time visiting museums, galleries and Art Fairs. As a granddaughter, daughter and niece of collectors and Art professionals and being an Art lovers myself, I can only encourage you to start your own collection.

In my opinion, everything you have to decide is limited to two issues; first, how much you want to spend and then to choose a technique, movement, color, or any subject that you especially like. It is good to be advised by experts but, at the end of the day, it is your collection, and you are the one who has to love it more than anyone else.

Start by visiting nearby galleries or browsing Online options like – this is a useful first step just to look, to learn and to familiarize yourself with the artists and techniques that you like the most. Visiting museums and Art Fairs in your city or taking advantage of it when you travel is undoubtedly another great way to spend time and learn more.

Perhaps propose to make a piggy bank in which to put an amount of money every month, that you can have to spend when that work you love so much is available- and that’s it. It really does not have to be complicated or overly expensive – you just have to do it and enjoy the journey. In this post you can see some of the pieces that I have hanging in my house, and that you can also find in My little collection.

Start your collection with us and complete it little by little at your pace. We will be delighted to advise and accompany you. So it’s never too late to put Art in your life! Go for it !!

Tamara Kreisler
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