We love to share with you the evolution of our artists in our online gallery Kreislerart.com. As it is logical throughout a professional career of an artist, it is natural to try and perfect different themes and techniques to continue producing new works without losing the speech of each artist and the genuineness of a job well done.

As you know we choose with great care and love all the artists from the Kreislerart.com family and we are thrilled when they send us their new works to continue growing and working together. In recent weeks we have incorporated new art pieces by veteran artists of Kreislerart.com such as:

Esther Rosa, Esther has sent us some very nice new works in which she continues with her abstract language but incorporates the engraving tecnique creating some very interesting works with very different tonalities  from those that we are used from her.

Alejos Lorenzo, we love all Alejos’s works but until now at kreislerart.com we only had Lorenzo’s digital work and since a few days ago we also have his original work so if you want to have one of his artworks just for you, goa head and check.

Leo Moreriro, Leo’s style is unmistakable and we are very happy with all the new works that he has sent us and that we have put on sale at kreislerart.com they are full of color and geometry.

Jesús Chamizo, I highly recommend you to check this last works from Jesús. As always they have an amazing artistic and technical quality. They are wonderful !!

Maria Miralles, we love to receive new artworks from Maria and see how she keeps evolving without loosing her very personal style.

We encourage you to take a look and review the works of Esther, Alejos, Leo, Jesús and Maria because whether they are more veteran or new for sure you will love all of them.







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