We finish 2017 expanding the family of artists of Kreislerart.com with three artists very different and very interesting that I want to present to you;

  • Painting: Abel Fernández Servín. Born in Paraguay studied drawing and painting in Buenos Aires and currently lives and develops his artistic work in Madrid. His current pictorial language leaves figuration, the shapes and silhouettes that marked his early works, giving way to a different aesthetic evolution, where the space is transformed into surface and abstraction. A radical reduction that dismantles the classical image format, taking it to the limits and possibilities; redefining the relationship between surface, space and color. I love his pictures that transmit me much peace when I look at them.

  • Fotography: Yuri Tuma. Yuri was born in Brazil and is not easy to call him only photographer as in his works, using digital photography, is able to create images that are a perfect excuse to carry us to worlds of fantasy and beauty. The original images are manipulated by him, creating, in this case, magic mandalas or crating games with images of the sky and the clouds. As son as I sow his work loved it and thought that it would be a very good choice to extend the artistic proposal of Kreislerart.com.

  • Sculpture: Pepe Montserrate. Although he was born in Madrid the Mediterranean sea is very present in his work. The sea as an infinite territory to express deeper emotions, desires, passions, fears. The Mediterranean cradle of Western civilizations that delving into the roots of each individual. As a symbol of creativity, the search for the meaning of life and wisdom. The work of Monserrate is committed to the preservation of cultural, social and environmental heritage of unique, fragile and of extraordinary value.

Dear Abel, Pepe and Yuri welcome to Kreislerart.com!


Tamara Kreisler
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