Reading Mukesh Shah’s new PLAYLIST artworks is the best way to keep you updated on what is going on in the world. You do not need to read newspapers or hear the radio; all you need to be well informed is to check his latest PLAYLIST series.

Lock him up!

Well, can you imagine who does he want to Lock up?

She is so Greta

Haven’t you said that to any friend that is greener that lettuce? 

I was a fact

Don’t you know somebody that believes that what they say is fact because they say it?


Does our world make sense? Have we reached the top level of stupidity or can we go even further?

I am Covid19

Have you had a test? Are you COVID 19 free? Will we ever be free?

We warn you, you can become easily addicted to Muckesh’s works and need to have more than one…..

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