Mila Pierce is a contemporary visual artist born in Latvia, who currently lives and works in Marbella, by the sea, something that is evident when you look at her work.

Mila’s paintings explore the theme of the inner world of humanity and the journey of life that she displays predominantly through a remarkable luminosity and sculptural presence in her works.

We have decided to bring you her works from the Labyrinths and Dream Labyrinths series because they are works that evoke an intensely meditative sense of the narrative and spiritual motif of his production, investigating the recurring theme of labyrinths as a collective journey and spiritual growth.

We also wanted to bring you her series of works Reflections because it seemed to us a very personal way of creating a different portrait. Without a doubt, our eyes can be a reflection of our soul, so what better way to portray ourselves than with the design of our iris?We hope you enjoy Mila’s works as much as we do.

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