From the month of June and within the Photoespaña22 photography festival

you can visit a beautiful exhibition by the photographer Miguel Vallinas at the

San Rafael Hospital in Madrid as a guest venue.

This is an exhibition organized by the [H]ARTE Foundation as part of its work

to humanize Spanish hospitals through the organization of art exhibitions and
workshops in healthcare spaces.

Undoubtedly, it is a very special exhibition not only because of the quality of

the works but also because of the space in which they are shown and which

has been widely accepted by the patients and their families as well as by all

the workers of the hospital.

The 22 works that make up the exhibition correspond to the Ceci n’est Pas

collection in which Miguel makes surrealist portraits with his inexhaustible

imagination in which the heads of those portrayed are exchanged for objects

of daily life, creating beautiful and very personal images.

The reaction of the people who see the photographs in the hospital corridor is

really fantastic, they choose their favorite portrait, they comment on the

objects and the costumes of the portraits and they have an impact on

everyone who sees them; about 1,500 people pass through the hospital

corridor every day.

Our dear Miguel Vallinas visited the exhibition the other day and was moved

by the effect of the works in the hospital, which he verified while chatting with

the people who were in the hospital. We really like to support this wonderful

work and we encourage you to visit the website of the [H]ARTE Foundation to

learn more about their work.

Tamara Kreisler
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