I really loved Melissa Dupont’s work as soon as I saw it for the first time. I liked both its shape and her use of color, and I did not hesitate to show you her work so that you could enjoy it too.

It is difficult not to realize that Melissa is an architect looking at her work since it is easy to find abstract geometry, minimalism, contemporary architecture and design in all of them, in a process of exploration of space, color and its possibilities.

Her creative projects range between metal sculpture, digital painting, mural painting and interdisciplinary artistic projects. It is characterized by being bright, clean and simple lines, creating a simple and intense chromatic harmony at the same time. We hope you like the selection we have made for you.

Melissa does not seek to intellectualize her art because she creates from the senses, guided by a need to achieve aesthetic harmony in her compositions using color in a very intuitive way, as a construction element where space is made visible from colored planes that reveal elements of architecture.

In her explorations of color and perspective, the viewer can perceive the work in different ways, varying together with its movement in space, playing with perception, transparency and opacity. In its variations, it seeks to generate a rhythm that appears by combining different chromatic values ​​and their variations in gradient, creating balance, serenity and silence.

Here we leave you these precious works for you to enjoy. Why not? Make them accompany you in your day to day at home or at work … I have already chosen mine , -)

Tamara Kreisler
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