In May everyone needs more colour and so we propose to put a little yellow in your lives. Who said yellow brings bad luck? Not when it is used to create any of the precious works that we have in We love yellow and much more when we combine it with other colors such as this beautiful work by Pedro Peña “Pink and Yellow scratch”

Or when we find it in the series of works by Luigi Cuchillo C.I. where he plays with the colors of the Venezuelan flag, red, blue and yellow. We are delighted with these works because they are joyful, and they also support an important project for disadvantaged children in Caracas, as a portion of sales goes to their charity.

And is there anything more yellow than the amber in the great and original works of Jesú Moratiel?

We also find yellow in the magical photographs of Miguel Vallinas in any of his series; Second skins, Roots or Ceci n’est pas.

And of course there are the unforgettable yellow sculptures of Isabel Soto or Helder Batista and his “Dream of the World”.

Try putting a little or a lot of Art in your life – even better if it is yellow!

Tamara Kreisler
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