Since I met Maite and her work I knew she would be a fantastic addition to the artists that I want to bring you closer to at Her iron sculptures, with their original enveloping and geometrical shapes, and the bright colors that she uses would be fantastic company for you at home, or your office, or your home office.

They can also be a perfect gift for those friends who are getting married or celebrating a special birthday. You already know that I never get tired of saying that any moment is a good time to give and share Art, and Maite’s sculptures are perfect for that.

I especially like her wall sculptures which are so original and a perfect way of incorporating Art into spaces when you do not have much room.

So I encourage you to choose your favorite sculpture and if there is one that you like a lot but you prefer it in another color or size, please let me know – we can adapt to your needs and make the sculpture of your dreams

Tamara Kreisler
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