Luis Medina Manso is a typical artist since his works are full of color that we love so much; so knowing his work and being able to share it is a real pleasure.

Luis is an engineer by training, which perhaps helps us better understand his use of color and shapes. His work has evolved over the years without losing its character and language. His is a language of colors and lines.

Lines that can change their borders from being more “clean” as in the series “New Forms” to the series “Spaces” in which they are more blurred. We have made a selection of both series for you to decide which Luis you like the most; we like them all !!

Perhaps for some people lines can be cold, but for Luis they are a proposal of sensations based on a balanced and studied composition in which both geometry and color have a lot to say. Luis’s compositions have deep meaning with a deceptive simplicity, because there is a lot of work behind each line and each chosen color, do not be fooled!

Luis takes his language to different artistic disciplines and also leaves his canvases to make sculptures in which he continues to play with their lines and colors that allow us to enjoy many works in one, since we can rotate them and enjoy them in different positions. Which one do you like the most?

Tamara Kreisler
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