Luigi is a total artist, poet, painter and sculptor and visiting his studio is always an adventure and a great satisfaction. A few months ago when we met, he showed me his new series of works. I really wanted to see them in person and I fell in love with the work as soon as I saw them.

“Inspired by Warhol’s and Monet’s flowers, I wanted to paint mine,” he told me with a smile, his clothes full of paint. He had a very clear idea of what he wanted and the inspiration came to him in the most unexpected way. “I had no idea how to start, and suddenly my boxing gloves appeared, forgotten on a shelf, and as soon as I saw them, I knew that the way there”

“It is amazing to see how something as delicate as a flower can emerge from something as violent as a punch. But life is like that”. And the result is really happy, energetic and full of color.

But if there is something that characterizes Luigi, it is his works made with stamps and his latest tribute series to the great artist Eduardo Arroyo. These are full of his symbols such as hats that are also very interesting and beautiful and we are pleased to share them with you on

We are delighted to work with Luigi and to bring you his original artworks, full of work and love, just as he is. Thanks Luigi!

Tamara Kreisler
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