This month, I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary so, celebrating love, I have decided to make a selection of works related to love that you can find at The truth is that all the works that you can find in the gallery are selected with great care and attention, so I can tell you that there is already a lot of love in all of them, from the moment they are produced until they are exhibited, but here are a few highlights ….Because….. What is more romantic than a bouquet of red roses? Like the ones in this beautiful photograph Roots Nº 18 by Miguel Vallinas.

Love can have many ways of expressing itself, such as the work LOVE by Claudio Roncoli that he made during the COVID 19 epidemic when he was trapped in Mexico and developed a series of works on human relationships at the Saltillo graphic arts museum.

We find love and a lot of tenderness in each of Little’s works, which with their delicate strokes always have love present, like this drawing called “I love you”.

Because love doesn’t have to be only for a person but can also be towards an object or brand, as Mukesh Shah makes us reflect on his PLAYLIST I love Dior!

We also find a lot of love, in any of Peperina Magenta’s beautiful collages, such as this “I remember you again”

Or in the works and titles of the works of Carla Querjeta that always make references to love stories like this beautiful fabric sculpture “Tell me a story”

It seems unbelievable that it has been 20 years since we also listened to our “Wedding March” like this beautiful work by Valle Ribia Laque and it is incredible how time flies when you are happy.

So we wish you a life with lots of love and that you can celebrate it for a long time with those close to you. Long live love.

Tamara Kreisler
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