I liked Leyre Perez‘s work as soon as I saw it, it was Love at first sight !! It may be because I like the way she combines colors, or maybe is how she creates universes that make me travel and transport me to distant galaxies, but I did not doubt that I wanted to work with her and bring her work closer to you so that you could enjoy it too.

Leyre is a young artist who combines painting, sculpture and photography interpreting her surroundings, be it a sound, a landscape or a texture in spots of color.

For her, Art is a way of visual narrative of the moments of interaction between the elements that surround us. Of all her works, I have chosen the series of paintings, in different supports and in different sizes, thinking that in this way you too could choose your favorite one.

By looking at her work, you will see how it is characterized by color tracks invaded by unique spaces where lines, stains, textures and shapes find their space.

I really hope you enjoy Leyre’s work as much as I do and becomes good company to you in this difficult times.


Tamara Kreisler
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