You probably have had to cancel your last vacation and are not sure when you will be able to travel to that destination that you like to visit so much or that you wanted so much to know. The same thing happened to us … that’s why we have decided to make you travel with the Art that you can see and have at with a short tour of some cities and landscapes that we hope can distract you.

For example, it is easy to find travel memories in many of Pedro Peña’s works such as his very personal vision of the Alhambra with an original pink touch.

It is also very easy to travel with the photographs of Jesús Chamizo and his beautiful urban landscapes, many of them taken in cities like New York, London or Madrid that are a fantastic exercise to evoke memories or dreamed of future trips.

The series of Lalo Cruces Containers are full of trips, removals and transport, with color and honoring great artist characters.

Or the cities that Eva Raboso proposes us to visist with her particular vision of them from the sky or from the earth itself. Why not travel like that? Let’s also go to fantasy cities like Eva’s.

And let’s go to mysterious and foggy landscapes like the cities that seem almost unrecognizable in the photos of Tarek Ode, where dreams and landscapes are confused and it is difficult to tell them apart. Wherever it is, we will soon be able to physically travel to our favorite destinations and in the meantime, let’s not stop being inspired by looking at all these works that we can find at

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