There are people who only like Abstract Art and others who adore figurative Art. I have to confess that I like art in all its dimensions and I do not choose between styles, just between quality and originality.

That is why when selecting the work for I always try to look for original, beautiful works that I would hang in my house, without thinking about whether they are abstract or figurative, since it is not always easy to make such a clear distinction.

This time I am recommending a selection of work that you can find on that could be considered Abstract, although in reality what they are is very interesting and beautiful. Here is my selection:

From Esther Rosa, I love all her work and honestly it is difficult for me to choose just one.

Pedro Peña Gil, plays with figuration and abstraction in his works, so he cannot be considered an artist with a single language, but today I am enjoying his abstract work with this piece.

In the case of Abel Fernades, his paintings are pure color and I really like how he mutes the colors to create these beautiful compositions.

Marina Gadea is abstract like her beloved sea to which she transports us with her work, so when looking at any of her wonderful pieces it is easy to feel like swimming in them.

Alejandro Hermann is an artist who also plays with figuration and abstract work, reconciling and controlling both in a magnificent way.

And what about Luigi Rodriguez with his “wild flowers”, full of color and energy.

After looking for abstract works in the digital gallery I come to the conclusion that the important thing is that the Art we choose we just like, without looking at styles or external opinions.

Tamara Kreisler
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