Lalo Cruces was part of the inaugural exhibition of kreislerart in 2015 at the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid, so continuing to work together is especially valuable and exciting for me.

And it is a pleasure to work with Lalo both for artistic quality and for his human quality as Lalo combines design and Art in all his pieces, creating very personal and original works.

His works can be considered figurative, but at the same time full of a magical reality that makes them so personal, assuming materials and elements of our daily life such as the containers, but giving them a reading full of imagination and life.

In his interaction between design and Art, as an original and multidisciplinary artist that makes everything from “Street Art” to performances and installations to Virtual Art, his work is really unique and that is why we are so happy to work with him and to be able to bring his new Containerland series so that you too can 

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