At we don’t need it to be March 8th to support the work of women in the Art world. The team of collaborators that I have are all women and we love to incorporate women into our family of artists, but honestly, we are also convinced that it is not a matter of sex but of inspiration and hard work that makes an artist standing out.

To bring you closer to all their creations, we have made a selection of some of our artists who were selected solely for their artistic quality to work with us. And we have many very talented women artists on

For example, the beautiful and very feminine illustrations from Cristina Torrecilla. They can’t be prettier.

Our dear Carmen Cantabella with her paintings of impossible stories, full of imagination and delicacy.

What to say about the works of Valle Ribia with their musical and artistic compositions?

The delicacy of Esther Rosa in her artworks on paper or canvas.

Or the dreamy landscapes of Maria Luisa de Mendoza.

And the marine and stellar universes of Marina Gadea.

The geometric works of Eva Raboso.

Not forgetting the hand sculptures by Isabel Soto.

Or the baroque creations of Elisa Insua.

And since we do not stop adding new artists to our family of, we are very happy to announce that in the coming weeks we will bring you work from the artists Maria Jose R. Escolar and Leyre Perez

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