With the excuse of presenting our Gallery Online, kreislerart.com, last June the 17th, we opened an exhibition of 8 artists at the Kreisler Gallery in Madrid.


This was the first time I worked as “curator” for an exhibition in the family Gallery and I was very excited about choosing the artsits who would accompany me in our coming-out of the Art Gallery Online. I was looking for artists who will have something to transmit, which were fresh and why not, funny and at the same time they had a good technique and I think I did the right choice.



I fell in love with Lalo Cruces fantastic musical animals right away. I love animals and music, so I found in his works two of my passions together and did not hesitate to propose him to participate in the show. I also realized that he is not only a great artist but also a great person and everything is very easy with him.


I know Felipao since we were 16 years old, I have lived with him his transit from corporate life to the “Bohemian artistic life” his Poppies are part of our family all over, so they had to be part of this show. It was funny to see how the Gallery was getting filled with French Bulldogs.


From the beginning I loved Pablo Pro’s work and everything that is behind his photographies. They are not only beautiful pictures, there is a message, it is a very personal work that we had to share in this exhibition.


My dear Esther Rosa had to be part of the show too. Her first professional exhibition in Madrid had to be “at home” it was something natural. I am proud of her evolution and how she works, researchs techniques, and it all grows in her work. It is a pleasure to accompany her.


Cristina Gamón is also, despite her youth, a fantastic artist with great projection. I have no doubt that her technique and language are very personal and I loved selecting the works for the exhibition in her study and listen to her talk about her work. It is a luxury to have her onboard.


No doubt the work of Juan Gerstl, the Caribbean of the Group, has something that grabs you, it simply captivated me from the first day I love it! His sculptures and mobiles are transformed depending on the light and the environment making them incredibly beautiful and ethereal at the same time.


Mario Marini had to be in this exhibition too, his experience and engraving technique is impressive. I’ve always loved graphic work, and Mario, that has invented his own engraving technique is without doubt a great engraver, artist and wonderful person.


And I end with Antonio Muñoz, which brings me to oniric worlds with fantastic creatures that I cuold not like more, his works are fun and unique, mixing in a very personal way humour and dreams, that we need so much…


I want to give an enormous thank you to the eight of them, for trusting in me and in my Gallery Online project kreislerart.com. Thanks also to my father Juan Kreisler and his team at the Gallery for “loaning” us the Gallery of Hermosilla 8 where so many wonderful exhibitions have taken place. Thank you , you are all great and this is a true team work.

Tamara Kreisler
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