Why choose one color when you can have them all? This month we have decided to make a selection of multicolored works to coincide with the height of summer. And it has not been easy since kreislerart.com is full of color … Always!

What do you think of the play, “En la piscina” by Alejos Lorenzo? It can not have more color…


All the works of Valle are full of color and music, like this beautiful “Wedding March” very appropriate now that it is wedding season.


And what better example of colors than those that nature gives us in the portraits of “Raiz” Miguel Vallinas.


Or the works full of color and materials of Elisa Insua as “Collective Goal”


Without forgetting Claudio Roncoli, who in any of his works fills canvases and colored paper creating a multicolored universe that we love as in “Ojala NY”


So from kreislerart.com we encourage you to enjoy the summer, your holidays, the art and many colors , -)

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