October 24 is World Climate Change Day and to draw attention to this huge problem we face, The Climate Reality Project Spain will organize its second Climate Leaders Awards.

From kreislerart.com and as part of the team of this organization in Spain, we have made our contribution with prizes where each of the 9 winners in the categories the judges have chosen will receive a work specially created for the awards by Miguel Vallinas. Thanks Miguel!

Unfortunately, Climate Change has become an undeniable fact and we, as the last generation that can make it reversible, have a huge responsibility to make the greatest number of people aware that it is absolutely necessary to limit our CO2 emissions.

The Climate Reality Project, created by former United States Vice President Al Gore, is dedicated to giving talks raising public awareness of how we can all contribute to curbing Climate Change. If you want to organize a talk in your company or with a group of friends, please do not forget to contact us.

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