Many aspects are necessary for a cultural project to be profitable in the digital era, and here at we know a lot about that. A few days ago I had the honor of participating as speaker at the Forum “Culture in the network” engine of opportunities, engine of growth and I am very happy to share the experiece with you it as it was very interesting. I’d like to begin by thanking again the organizers Llorenteycuenca and the sponsors; Bertelsmann Foundation, the Commission European, Group Planeta, NBCUniversal and Group Prisa for their invitation.

As all the speakers were really very interesting people I decided to go a few hours before my round table to hear their views on topics as important as the future of the Unique market for the Online sales and the digital era. It was good to know how does media face the digitilización and their difficulties in controlling false news given the speed in which moves information.

The panel where I participate, “How to make that a Cultural Project becomes profitable in the digital era: the experience of entrepreneurs”, was also attended by Javier Andrés, founder of Ticketea, Pablo Henrique, co-founder of Urban Roosters, Elvira Sastre, poet and Jorde Solé, director of the Group Planeta’s training division. It was really interesting to hear their experiences as entrepreneurs and realize that although we are in different fields of the cultural world, we all share many learning, experiences and opinions as it is always nice to know that you are not alone ,-)

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